Sunday, February 6, 2011


Situation In Egypt!

Over these past few days, the news that seems to be on the page of the newspaper would definitely be the news about the situation in Egypt as it keeps getting worse day by day.

Thousands of people that filled the streets of Cairo on Tuesday hope their demonstrations against corruptions and failing economic policies will cause upheaval in the government inspired by similar protests that rocked Tunisia this month. Days after the protest, over a hundred people now has lost their lives as for the battle of Egypt’s past. On 28th January, looters broke into the Museum of Egypt Antiquities in Cairo and vandalized some of its most precious artefacts. Also reported that tens of thousands of protestors were “losing their fear” and taking to the streets in unprecedented numbers, emboldened by rumours that Egyptian Hosni Mubarak may step down.

Heavy gunfire reverberated in central Cairo before dawn on Thursday as supporters and foes of embattled Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak continues to face off at Tahrir Square, where chunks of concretes and Molotov cocktails were employed as weapons in escalating crisis. Sustained automatic weapons fire echoed around the square, in the epicentre of nine days of protests calling for Mubarak’s ouster

Saturday, January 29, 2011

(Dog Abuse)

A perfect story that dominated this week came along when a thumbdrive was discovered at the shopping mall. Being curious, she reached home and plugged the thumbdrive into her desktop. Shocked and terrified to see a 15 minutes video of a man beating up an innocent poodle.

If you are a facebook/twitter user, I am pretty sure you would know what this story is about, as the video has been uploaded on this social networking sites to track down the couple that is involved in this “act” and also create justice for the dog.

In the video, the man(the dog’s owner) is seen using brute force on a poodle, named Sushi in an attempt to force the dog to stand on its hind legs. When Sushi failed to do so and returned to its normal standing position, the owner would hit, kick and slapping the poodle repeatedly. It is believed that video was recorded by his girlfriend, Doreen Loo. Also in the video you could hear the man repeatedly shouting at the dog saying things like “Stand up, listen to me or I would whack you” and when the dog fails to do so, the owner would hit the dog. Also you could hear the man saying “Quiet! Quiet!” whenever the dog starts yelping.

It is to be said that this has been one of the worse case of animal abuse in the country. Many angry and frustrated people are desperately searching for the couple for doing such horrible things to their dog. About 15 police reports have been made by these people to track down Doreen Loo and her boyfriend.

In my opinion, this story shocked me, and every time I think about it, I would tear. This is just inhumanity! How could someone do such a thing? I own a poodle myself, and never would I do that. Even if I was training it, I would not raise my hand to her. Animals are not like human beings, they do not understand. This story just proves how inhuman certain can be! And the punishment that was released to this couple was RM200 fine, and 6 months jail, honestly is just not worth it when someone abuses the dog till it died when it didn’t do anything.

Friday, January 21, 2011

- Social Networking, SAFE? -

Many social network users find it safe to post up information on this sites that is accessible by anyone. What they do not know is the danger about it. As we all know FACEBOOK is definitely the 'thing' among not only youths, but everyone all over the world. Facebook isn't as safe as it is anymore. It is said that Facebook (FB) users now are easy targets for criminals. Many are targetting Malaysians - via their personal information such as address contact number, and even photographs left on FB for crimes raging from drug trafficking to blackmail and sexual harassment. It has indeed been an issue since last year and worrying because an international survey last year revealed that Malaysian's had the highest number of friends on social networking websites and spend up to 9hours each week logged on. Such recent FB crimes are namely being conned with money, sexual harassment and fake information being led out. Social Network users should be much more careful on what is posted up on their web page as these information are publicized to anyone to access. Besides that, they should not add people they are not familiar with. Hackers operating on social networks can easily create fake profiles and send friendship requests to unsuspecting users within their target group. Personal information also should not be published on their web page.

Continuous Floods Hit Australia

For these pass few days, as we open the newspapers to read, we find that the international news that has been spoken mostly about is the current floods that is happening in Australia.
It all started with the continuous heavy rain that prompted new flood warnings in Australia. Four states had flood warnings due to overflowing rivers and rain. In Brisband, the water has receded leaving behind a thick, putrid sludge. Homes on the other hand were swamped to waist height as waters swept through the southeast. Besides that, rising waters spilled into the streets of Horsham's town centre as the swallon Wimmera River inched towards its peak dividing the town of 14, 200 and cutting power to thousands oh homes in a once-in-200-year event.
More than 50 villages in southeastern Victoria state have been swamped following heavy rains linked to an especially strong La Nina weather pattern also unleashed record flooding in the nothern Queensland region. The flooding in Victoria follows weeks of massive flooding in nothern Queensland which swamped two-thirds of the giant state, paralyzed several mines and left 30people dead. I think that the Australian have to take careful precaution steps, and those houses who have been affected should move out to a safer place for the better. It is also good to know other members are willing to help out in the terrible floods in Australia.

* Yourself As A Consumer Of Information *

No one is capable of living by themselves alone. I am sure that throughout their life, a person would need someone as their guardian to accompany them and journey with them. It can be anyone, a friend, an acquaintance, relatives or even a partner.

Well, that applies to my story and how I was shaped with the guardian of two very special people that I am blessed to have, my mother and my father.

I am Leanndrea Anne Paramaraj, turning 20 this year, living as the youngest with my elder sister Marissa. My father Peter is a free lance musician, who performs at private functions and for weddings, and my mother Carey on the other hand is a secretary in her office.

With two daughters at home, my parents always look out for us. My dad can be strict, and I mean VERY strict. Because my father was so stern, I was always afraid of him and we hardly spoke, and even if we did, it would be a basic conversation. Since I was a little girl, my father had always been very protective over me. It may be a normal thing for all parents to be protective over their children, but daddy was always EXTRA protective in whatever I do and wherever I go.

Even right up till now, my father protects and looks after me as though I am still his little girl. During high school days, daddy would drop me off at school even though my school is a 4minutes walk away from my house. Never at all would he allow me to walk to school, and walk back after school. He even hired a babysitter for my sister and I up till we were 16 years old.

Daddy hardly allowed us to go out with our friends, and even if we did, my mum had to tag along at times. He also had issues if we had too much guy friends, and we weren’t allowed to give out our numbers to these people unnecessarily.

Mummy on the other hand, made sure we had proper guidance and teachings. She always brought me to church and sends me for Catechism. She was also a Catechism teacher for about 8 years. She thought me to grow the right way and walk on the right path.

I would say that mummy was the supportive one. She was the one I could talk to and pour out all my problems to. She would always be there for me no matter. Mummy had a caring and loving personality that I adored. She always made me her special little girl. Though she can be protective and strict at time, but I guess that’s what parents are for.

With my father and mother being strict, stern and with all the parental control, I am who I am now. If it wasn’t for my father being so strict, I would be doing unwanted things. Besides that, with the guidance and support from my mother, I can rely on her in whatever situations I under go. Thus I am very happy and blessed to have such wonderful parents for bringing me up and shaping me for who I am today!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011